NEW PAPER:  Perfect Storm or Trojan Horse?

What sort of relationships are wise between business and civil society?

The relationship between civil society and business has always been complex. This dynamic is even more acute in the realm of privacy and information rights. In many instances the two sectors have become a dichotomy, characterised by mutual mistrust and suspicion that frequently results in litigation and high-profile campaigns. While there are examples of cooperation between the two, the general environment is not conducive to a strong and trusted working relationship. This situation creates an unstable foundation for the financial support that business can offer to consumer groups and privacy campaigners. This paper discusses the present donor relationships between companies and NGOs and considers the situation in other arenas such as the peace movement, political rights and environmental protection. It offers suggestions for a constructive approach that respects the fundamental values of civil society. This paper was written by Jorgen Johansen and was commissioned by the Civil Engagement project.

Notes from a session on “advocates and industry” held at the Computers Privacy & Data Protection (CPDP) conference, Brussels, 26th January 2017

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In this article for the International Association of Privacy Professionals, Simon Davies discussed the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of civil society's relationship with industry.