Outreach Director | Michael Collyer

Michael is a webcare and student assistant at the University of Amsterdam. His broad academic background includes Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics, with a specialization in Law. Further he has taken academic courses in Privacy, Intelligence and Future Studies.

He works as an analyst for The Freedom Index where he focuses on identifying and defining the core challenges for the project. He also works for the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies as a course evaluator and is on the Board of Directors of the United Nations International Student Conference of Amsterdam. Previous experience in the fields of communication, public relations, community development and social entrepreneurship.

Simon Davies presenting a ‘Tech Talk’ seminar at Google, Mountainview CA, 2010

About Us

Associate Director | Jennifer Baker

Jennifer has been a journalist in print, radio and television for nearly 20 years, the last 8 specialising in EU policy and legislation in the technology sector — from data protection and privacy to trade agreements; antitrust cases to copyright law; national security to public transparency. She has reported on European affairs for Middle Eastern television, British radio and American online media, among many others. With a wealth of experience in navigating the political quagmire of the EU, as well as an address book packed with insider sources and contacts in Brussels, one of her core skills is translating EU policy-speak into understandable English.

She is passionate about the importance of rigorous reporting to society, and believes that ethical journalism should go hand-in-hand with conviction on human rights issues. Jennifer has written for some of the biggest tech names in the business, ArsTechnica, ComputerWeekly, Macworld, PCworld and CIO (as part of the renowned IDG News Service team), and The Register. She is currently senior presenter on Vieuws.eu and regularly feature as an EU policy and tech expert on BBC radio, FSN, India Today, ETV and others.

Advisory Board

  • Cornelia Kutterer - Director, digital policy, Microsoft EMEA.
  • Jorgen Johansen - Journal of Resistance Studies, Sweden.
  • Simon Hania - VP Privacy & Security, TomTom.
  • Rosamunde van Brakel -  Vrije Universiteit Brussel / CPDP.
  • Jules Polonetsky - Future of Privacy Forum, USA.
  • Edo Roos Lindgreen - Partner, KPMG.
  • Raegan MacDonald - Senior EU policy manager, Mozilla.
  • Colin Bennett - Professor, University of Victoria.

Logistics Manager | James Cohen

James has spent the past three years working as a contractor to the London School of Economics, where he handled logistics and general managememt for Code Red and the Privacy Surgeon. He works with Civil Engagement in the same capacity, ensuring that our events and logistics are seamless and professional. In his spare time he is a teacher of English as a Foreign Language.

Finance and Administration

The Civil Engagement project is administered by the Nordic Nonviolence Study  Group (NORNONS), Sparsnas 1010, 66891 Ed, Sweden (NORNONS is a registered non-profit organisation, number 802460-7239)


Dalslands Sparbank, Torget 4, 668 30 Ed

IBAN 8000 0823 4733 7671 7728

​​​​Project Director | Simon Davies

Simon is widely acknowledged as a pioneer of privacy advocacy and was the first person to campaign at a global level. He is the Founder and for 22 years was Director-General of the influential watchdog group Privacy International. For twenty years, until 2016, Simon was also appointed to the London School of Economics, where he taught the groundbreaking MSc Masters course in “Privacy & Data Protection”.

He is now a Fellow in the University of Amsterdam, is Founder of the Code Red initiative and is publisher of the Privacy Surgeon blog. He is also senior fellow in the Electronic Privacy Information Center. In addition to this background Simon has also advised a wide range of corporate, government and professional bodies, and has worked on technology, privacy and identity issues in more than fifty countries. He has also worked closely with many of the market leaders in Web 2.0 and comms on the development of technical solutions to privacy protection and has also been an Expert Advisor to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees